KR 120 R1800 nano (KR QUANTEC nano)

Payload 120 kg
Extra payload 50 kg
Max. reach 1803 mm
Repeatability <± 0,06 mm
Weight 684 kg
Axes 6
Mounting podłogowy, sufitowy

The KR 120 R1800 nano has a payload capacity of 120 kg and a reach of approx. 1800 mm. As the representative of a new generation of extremely compact process robots, this robot is especially well suited for use in spot welding and boasts outstanding process results. The swingover axis 3 allows for a large work envelope, with very good accessibility in confined spaces. This is, for example, extremely helpful for tip dressing.


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Max. reach
200 mm - 3900 mm
10 kg - 5000 kg
Supplementary payload
0 kg - 100 kg

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