Motoman ES165N robot (S8M316-1-4)

Motoman ES165N robot
Motoman ES165N robot
Motoman ES165N robot (S8M316-1-4)
Motoman ES165N robot (S8M316-1-4)

65.000,00 (79.950,00 with VAT)

Year of production: 2008
Reach: 2651 mm
Payload: 165 kg
Control: Motoman NX100

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The subject of sale is the Motoman ES165N robot with serial numbers S8M316-1-4, produced in 2008. Its weight is 1200 kg, the maximum load capacity is 165 kg. The reach of his arm is: 2651 mm. The robot has a Motoman control type: NX100 with serial numbers 92029.

The undoubted advantages are that the Motoman ES165N Robot has a shorter programming time, reduced cycle time, and easier programming, because the hose package does not constitute an additional collision element. The hose package itself has been specially adapted and strengthened, which significantly reduces the failure rate of these robots and thus also allows direct use of offline compiled programs. Due to the compact footprint, the robot can be placed in the tightest of spaces. In addition, the solid structure of the arm allows you to work with heavy and really demanding tasks. Simple maintenance ensures significantly faster and easier replacement of individual components. An example would be an encoder that can be replaced in less than five minutes.

The revolutionary NX100 controller comes with a Windows CE programming panel with a color touch screen. Fast processing, unmatched memory (60 steps, 000 instructions), built-in Ethernet and robust PC architecture. The NX10 offers four levels of password protection and up to 000 individual users.

The NX100 handles a multitude of tasks with ease. It can control up to four robots (up to 36 axes, including robots and external axes) and I / O devices. Advanced Robot Motion Control (ARM) provides high path accuracy and vibration control. In addition, the NX100 offers best-in-class path planning that significantly reduces teaching time. The programming panel includes a unique cross-shaped navigation cursor that reduces teaching time by 30 percent. It has a color touchscreen. Dual-channel safety features include an enhanced E-Stop function, integrated speed monitoring and manual robot brake release. The NX100 also offers unmatched connectivity, highly flexible fieldbus support, and easy connection to your IT infrastructure using standard DeviceNet, ControlNet, Profibus-DP, EtherNet / IP and many more networking options. An optional web server is available for remote monitoring and diagnostics.

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